Evan Sung

Evan Sung blends his background in theatrical lighting with a career as an architectural lighting designer. Holding both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in lighting design, Evan brings a unique perspective to every project. His extensive experience in the field is complemented by his academic achievements, allowing him to craft lighting solutions that not only illuminate spaces but also tell a compelling visual story. Through the lens of theatrical artistry, Evan is dedicated to shaping environments that captivate and enhance the overall experience for occupants. His dynamic approach and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset in creating innovative and impactful lighting designs.

Evan has worked on various aspects and scales of projects, demonstrating his versatility across residential, hospitality, corporate, retail, healthcare, and museum endeavors. This broad spectrum of experience, coupled with his academic background, further enriches his ability to deliver sophisticated and tailored lighting solutions to diverse clients and spaces.